Introducing… House-made Gluten Free Bread!

Gluten Free Bread!

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It’s finally here.  For a long time we have wanted to provide our patrons with a delicious gluten free bread alternative, and we have at last landed on a recipe that satisfies us.


From Chef Andrew… “The decision to provide gluten free bread was finally made because we felt it was time to provide the community with a bread substitute for our panini sandwiches and breakfast toast.”


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“I only wanted to have a product that was easy to use, easy to produce, and would not take away from the quality of the dish. The Dolce pastry team and I tried about six different recipes before settling on the one we currently use. We felt that the first renditions were either dry or quite “biscuity”. We found that none of them freeze, so it was important that we have one that’s easy to produce, as we would be making them fresh in small batches.”

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 “I was also looking for a “sandwich bread”, one that would hold up to toasting and slicing. I’m quite happy with the one we settled on. I think the yeastiness and texture are really pleasant.”

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“The fact that we have the pizza-oven to mimic the fire of a bead-oven puts us at an immediate advantage. My goal is that our guests will not find it a serviceable substitute, but a quality product that fulfills their expectations of our normal menu items.”

Come in and try it for yourself.  Our gluten free bread will be available during all meal hours from breakfast to dinner. Try our classic egg sandwich or breakfast scramble with it, one of our iron-grilled paninis, or even substitute it on our antipasti board at dinner.

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We are are so pleased to offer this freshly baked alternative to the community.

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  1. Caitlin Gaul says:

    I was wondering if the gluten free bread is also egg and dairy free? Lots of allergies… and the family wants to eat there.

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