Leah’s Garlic

We are so excited to offer two specials tonight and tomorrow featuring local garlic from one of our very own staff members, Leah!


Leah grew these tasty bulbs less than ten blocks away from the Caffe, now that’s LOCAL! Come in for dinner Thursday or Friday and savor the fantastic dishes listed below featuring her roasted garlic…


Leah’s roasted garlic with tallegio cheese, salted carmelized honey, candied walnuts and grilled baguette


Grilled Ribeye with Leah’s roasted garlic, Rogue River smoked blue cheese, grilled Granny Smith apples and roasted fennel

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  1. Jerod says:

    An amazing antipasti dish. A little roasted garlic. A little cheese. A perfect starter. I never knew garlic could taste so good on its own!

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