Non-Profit Tuesday: The Clay Studio of Missoula

**Every Tuesday we partner with a different non-profit organization in our community and donate 15% of our evening’s sales to their cause.  Join us for these special nights and learn more about the wonderful work that is going on in Missoula!**

The Clay Studio of Missoula

Founded in 1988, the Clay Studio of Missoula (CSoM) is a nonprofit community center for the ceramic arts. Their organization’s goal is to provide the general public with affordable access to high-quality ceramic art instruction.


They strive to fulfill this goal by: 1) offering a wide array of ceramics classes and workshops to adults and children of all levels of skill; 2) providing local ceramicists with inexpensive access to studio space and professional quality equipment; 3) hosting resident artists from across the country who are able to share their ideas, experiences, and techniques with our students; and 4) holding monthly exhibitions of contemporary ceramic works in our studio gallery.

Find out more at

And check out the awesome work of Koral Halperin, Dolce employee and current resident at the Clay Studio.


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