Purple Tea Tasting with Lake Missoula Tea!

This saturday we have an incredible tea tasting at Dolce!  Join us, during the day, to sip on some brand new “purple” tea just out of Kenya!  Our friends, Heather and Jake Kreilick, of Lake Missoula Tea Company, recently returned from Kenya; an expedition that took them to local tea farms, where they tasted and learned a deeper appreciation for purple tea.

This is what we learned from them!  Purple tea, from Kenya, is roasty and robust. It was developed to withstand frost and drought, and the leaves of  purple tea are purple. In Kenya, 60% of the tea comes from small-scale tea farmers (2 acres or less).  Developing tea on a small-scale level ensures higher quality of tea; essentially it is a labor-of-love; hand-picked and hand-processed!  Purple tea also carries extraordinary amounts of antioxidants, anti-carcinogenics, is anti-aging, and suppresses appetite.  A medicinal tea that enhances your health and longevity and has a wonderful “full-bodied, clean-finish” taste!  Come check it out!

Purple Tea Tasting!

Where:  Caffe Dolce- Pottery Room

Time: November 19th, @ 2pm!

There’s no cost, just enjoy:)

Please RSVP @ 406.830.3055 ext.3


photo credit:  Lake Missoula Tea Company

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