Staff Pairing: Ambyth Rose + Duck Salad

**Every week our staff tastes different dishes and wines on our current dinner menu and chooses an outstanding pairing that we can’t get enough of.  Come try them with us!**

Ambyth Rose + Duck Salad


There are a handful of new-world wines that move us from our old world absolutism. The Ambyth Estate Rosé is one. An unfiltered wine that sees minimal interference from the winemaker, this wine tastes of its soils. One can almost sense, through tasting, that it is dry-farmed and grown biodynamically and with a commitment to noninterventionist winemaking. We love this wine for how it tastes on its own and we, therefore, laud it even more for how well it pairs with our fare.

Ambyth+Duck (1)

 Our crisp duck confit and fennel salad is one of our favorite pairings for the Ambyth Rosé; it’s magic. This Rhone-style blend wine, rife with complexity and intrigue, combines with the salty, rich flavor of the duck and the bright citrus and herbal notes of the salad to create lively duo. One bite seems to lead you to another sip and vice a versa. This back and forth creates a new medley that will uplift and transform your dining experience; when a pairing can do that, we celebrate!

Take our word for it.  Order this pairing and we will upgrade your glass to a 1/4 liter at no extra charge. Offer valid Jan. 21-28. Cheers!

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