The Return of Le Ragnaie

There is perhaps no other winery that aligns more closely with our palates and philosophies as our perennial favorite Tuscan producer, Le Ragnaie. Their wines speak for themselves with a bounty of grace, nuance, restraint, power, and their ability to transport our hearts and minds to the beautiful hill of Montalcino.


Riccardo, the wine-maker is our dear friend, as is the entire populous of the winery. After spending a week in their vineyards and cellars and experiencing the day-to-day passion that exists amongst all who have a hand in creating these iconic bottlings, Jerod (our Wine Director) attests how special each and every drop of these precious bottles is.

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Today, we celebrate the new vintages of their Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino, 2012 and 2009 respectively. These wines are amongst the few wines on our list that we regard as staples. They have earned their spots– because every year they taste uncompromisingly of both the soil and air that they came from, and are allowed to reflect the vintage year. They are complex and have splendor. They are light-handed and beautiful. They pair amazingly well with our fare and they give a glimpse into a style of wine-making that values the earth, the people that make it, and the tradition of Tuscany that dates back thousands of years.

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In Jerod’s words, “When the name Le Ragnaie crosses my tongue I can not suppress a big grin or hide its joyous effect on my heart. Le Ragnaie’s wine are in my bones, my soul, and hopefully my glass as often as possible.”

Join us in celebrating the return of these Dolce staples.  Enjoy $2 off a glass of the Le Ragnaie Rosso or $4 off the Le Ragnaie Brunello this week (Dec. 6-13)  Simply mention this post to your server.

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