Burgundy: The Queen of White Wine

There are a few wines that could drive me to madness. The white wines of Burgundy are firmly in this category. There is no place on the planet that can elevate chardonnay to the heights that the soils, climate, and traditions of Burgundy can accomplish. When I hear someone state that they “don’t like chardonnay”, I know that they’ve never had good chardonnay. I know that they don’t know Burgundy. Believe me, I can relate; I find most domestic chardonnay not only undrinkable, but repugnant. And when I find chardonnays from around the wine world that are decent, there is always the voice in my head saying “but it’s not Burgundy!”


Broadly speaking, Burgundian chardonnays have bold acidity with layers of subtle citrus, minerality, understated fruit, and herbaceous complexities. Chardonnay is at its best when it vinified to express it’s soil. Not only is this tradition entrenched in Burgundy, but it is so forthright, that we get utterly unique expressions of the grape not only from village to village, but even from row to row in a vineyard! The table-wine levels of Burgundy are delicious and categorically good food wines. The wines of the villages of well earned prestige (Puligny Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet, Chablis…) can be so layered with nuance and complexity, that they are literally mind blowing. They show the magic of wine, and have food pairing possibilities that can just make you giddy. In Jerod’s words, these wines’ abilities show terroir closes in on perfection.


This explains why you’ll see a lot of white Burgundy pass through our list. We love it, and want to be a place where you can find it. We invite you to join us this season, and get to know Burgundy, from it’s table-wines to it’s Queens.

Mention this post when you purchase any of our white Burgundy bottle offerings (you can find these under the “WHITE” heading in the “France” section of our bottle list) and we will take $10 off (bottles under $120) or $20 off (bottles over $120).  Offer good Nov. 28th – Dec. 5.  Enjoy!

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